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3 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism


You hear it all the time, but what is metabolism? Technically, it’s the chemical processes which occur within a living organism in order to sustain life. But what does that mean to you?  Well, if you take it one step further, it’s what makes your cells grow, it helps you produce energy and it also helps you eliminate waste and toxins from your body. It’s vital to your health and helps you maintain a healthy weight. But you can’t actually see it or touch it. However, your actions certainly can affect it. Don’t take your metabolism for granted. So, how do you affect your metabolism in a positive, healthful way?

Your body needs to have a balanced metabolism for your health and well-being. You certainly want to produce energy, burn fat, keep your cells healthy and eliminate waste, don’t you? Seems pretty easy. You’ve been doing it all of your life. But have you been doing it to the best of your ability? Are you supporting your body in the most productive way possible? Let’s find out.

healthy meal1. First things first, are you eating small, well-balanced meals throughout the day? Are you feeding your metabolism, or are you thwarting it? Think about how you feel when you eat a big, heavy meal. You feel full, sluggish and probably pretty sleepy. That’s your body’s way of trying to digest all of the food you’ve eaten. It’s taking the rest of your resources away while your intestinal tract is filtering through all of the food. Now think about how you feel when you eat a leafy green salad packed with vegetables and protein. You may feel pleasantly full, but certainly not sluggish or sleepy. In fact, you probably feel pretty energetic and productive. Now think about how you’d feel if you ate like that for every meal of the day. Is this starting to make sense?


2. Second things second, are you drinking enough water? I can’t say it enough. Water is the key to life for nearly every living organism on the planet. And, it’s huge in keeping your metabolism working at its best. By drinking 64 ounces of water a day you’re flushing out toxins, you’re contributing to your cellular turnover and you’re helping to keep your metabolism on track. When you drink enough water you see visible results; your skin looks and feels plump and hydrated. The same thing happens to you internally.

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3. Third, but not certainly not last, are you getting enough sleep? Why is this a key to your metabolic health? Well, your body and mind need to rest in order to recover from the day’s activities. It’s the part of the day when your body regenerates cells, which helps you build muscles, collagen, proteins, skin and pretty much everything else. Why deprive your body and mind of the most important thing it needs?

Your metabolism is one of the most important things and is also one of the easiest to maintain, so long as you pay attention to it, and yourself. Eat right, drink water, sleep. How much easier can it be? Contact me today to create a workout and nutrition plan that’s right for you.

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