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Fit People Earn Higher Incomes! – Los Angeles Personal Trainer

(Los Angeles, CA June 16, 2012) –

Exercise can actually help you earn a higher income.

How is this possible? Cleveland State University published a study that reported that those who exercise at least three hours per week will earn at least ten percent more than those who are inactive. Although there is a link between a person’s activity level and earning a higher income, at this point it is mostly speculation. There is a link though, that part has been proven.

Getting the required amount of exercise will naturally energize your body throughout the day, meaning you will get more work done at your job, especially if it requires a lot of physical activity. This will show that you are a highly valued employee and should earn more than you do. Exercising will boost both physical and mental functions of a person, which will increase your overall productivity.

Winners Win – Because They do More

Those that are inactive will usually be a lot more tired than their active peers, which means they will not be efficient at all. They will also not feel as good as their peers because exercise releases a certain chemical called endorphins, which makes you feel good while reducing and stress or anxiety you may have. Physical activity will also boost your strength, stamina, endurance, flexibility, as well as your immune system, which means you have less of a chance of getting sick resulting in missed days of work.

When creating a good exercise program for yourself, be sure to include a good mix of cardio, aerobic, and strength training exercises. Having these three types of exercises incorporated into your program will burn away any extra fat while building up muscle.

Even if you do not currently have a job, it is still important to get the exercise your body needs in order to survive and thrive. Exercise should not be done just to increase your income. The main reason to exercise is to keep your body as healthy as possible, which will prolong your life in the long run.

The benefits you will see from exercising include increasing the durability of your bones, improving balance, enhancing memory, and preventing serious diseases and illnesses. Your health should be your first priority, not how much money you can make. You can’t buy back your health.  Don’t convince yourself that you can.

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