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Game plan for great abs

Are you one of the many fitness enthusiasts who are working to get ripped and shaped abs? Does it feel like you have tried everything but still seem to be getting nowhere? You can find the perfect fitness program tailored to both your desires but also to your body shape. This way you only undertake the specific fitness and nutrition plan specifically designed to help you get the abs of your dreams!

To get abs you will be proud of you need to eat right and exercise. You will need a routine that combines weights, cardio and diet. However the biggest mistake that people make when trying to perfect their abdominal area is performing the wrong type of exercise or going about their fitness training from the wrong perspective. For example what is the one exercise people jump straight into in hope of a six pack but they should actually be avoiding? Sit-ups! They are insufficient as the psoas muscle, which runs from the lower back to front thighs works best when your legs are close to straight. Sit-ups don’t isolate the upper abdominals very well as it is more of an exercise for the hip flexors and psoas.

As I mentioned above, another mistake that people make is going about their fitness training from the wrong perspective. Getting an impressive six pack has nothing to do with training your abs; the key lies with losing body fat. Even highly developed abs will not show if they are covered in a thick layer of excess bodyfat. So basically before you can start exercise that targets and sculpts your abs you need to lose body fat through diet and fitness; this is especially true if you are overweight. The abdominals are most likely covered with a concealing layer of fat. Only when you have dealt with this can you get into training your abdominal region but just remember no one single exercise can work all the different abdominal muscles.

There are three main areas of muscle that make up your abs; these are as follows:

– Rectus Abdomininis – often referred to as the main core of the abs and consists of the muscles that form the six pack. – Enternal Obliques – these are the muscles that are found on each side of your torso. – Intercostals – consisting of muscle fibers and tendons. They run from the upper pectoral muscles to the lower latissimus dorsi.

Your abdominal area is basically a large slab of muscle. The shape of the six-pack is due to tendons that stretch across the muscle. Muscle and tendon length cannot be changed through exercise. What you need to do is focus tension on the abs without cheating by using body momentum and always squeeze the abs for a few seconds during the tension element of an exercise before releasing.

Abs fitness training helps to strengthen your stomach muscles, helps you lose weight and improves your overall fitness level. With the correct program of diet, exercise and cardiovascular training you will in no time gain strength, be healthier and altogether fitter. With the right help you will soon have the body you have dreamed of!

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