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How you can get lean like a fitness model

Have you been stuck with those last 5-10 pounds that won’t come off? Learn from physique althetes on how to get that 6 pack!

There are no “celebrity weight loss secrets”. It’s all about hard work in the gym and discipline when it comes to food. But what does it mean? Another fad diet? Fast weight loss diet? No carbs? Calorie restriction? Days at the gym lifting heavy weights? Bodybuilders, fitness models and the like eat much more calories that people realize. Instead of starving the weight off, which only works for people under 22, the best way to burn fat is to stimulate the metabolism through a regimented eating plan. That’s a big mistake. The body goes into a famine mode where it starts storing anything they do eat and convert it into fat for survival.

Here are 10 tips to jump-start the new YOU.

1. Eat every 3 hours to speed up your metabolism. This will allow your body to maintain lower body fat and higher muscle tissue.

2. Don’t skip breakfast and eat within 30 minutes of waking up. The best breakfast in egg whites and oatmeal and stop eating cereal or processed fatty foods.

3. Grill, broil and steam your meat instead of frying and sauteéing. Choose the leanest cuts and enjoy dozens of delicious ways to make your meals without using oils and butter.

4. Eat fresh and steamed veggies with every meal. They not only help with fiber and better digestion, but will also contribute to clear skin and healthy hair.

5. Pick foods like look great. Remember that lean protein feeds lean muscle, fat feeds fat; bread makes you puffy, tofu makes you squishy, mayonnaise looks exactly like it does in the jar underneath your skin.

6. Don’t skip on carbs. Carbs give you bursts of energy, so choose them carefully. Opt for whole grains, traditional rice (not quick recipes), pastas and potatoes.

7. Say NO to alcohol. It’s not good for you anyway, so why drink. Besides, wine, champagne, beers and hard liquor are loaded with sugar that converts into fat.

8. Sugar free jello is essential to satisfy sweets cravings.

9. Drink 100 oz of water daily. Drink between meals and especially during your workouts

10. Don’t eat within 3 hours of going to sleep.

Everyone needs an individual plan to fat loss. Contact a professional to design a custom meal program based on your body composition and monitor your progress.

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