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So you started you exercise and diet plan, you are on track and doing well when something derails you and makes you say, “why bother?” Do you know which foods are the worst? Are you prepared to avoid the traps that challenge your self-control?

Protect Your Diet

1. The most important thing is to get rid of temptations. That’s right, go ahead and clean out your fridge, clean out your cupboards and clean out your freezer of all tempting foods.

2. Avoid alcohol and no, you cannot have a glass of wine. When you are tempted, tell yourself that it’s full of empty calories, will lower your inhibitions and will create food cravings.

3. Stay away from “the group mentality.” Ever notice when you’re dining out in a group how you tend to eat more than you’d like? You may even be tempted to order dessert since others in the group are enjoying a slice or two of cake. Tell the waiter what you can eat the moment you sit down and stick to it, don’t let your friends talk you into a bite.

4. Don’t compare yourself to others. The desire to lose weight is very common, but comparing yourself to others who are also on the same journey is a recipe for failure. It’s great to have moral support in your weight loss journey, but remember, every pound you lose and every goal you meet are yours and yours alone.

These strategies are excellent when combined with knowledge of the “worst offenders” or foods to be avoided at all costs. Steer clear of these foods:

Foods To Avoid

• Donuts, they are loaded with white flour, sugar and they are fried. What’s worse? They have trans fats!

• Margarine, it’s not better than butter! Avoid margarine at all costs, mainly because of trans fats. Unsalted butter is your best choice.

• Sugared cereal. I’m talking colored, sweetened, puffed and loaded with chemicals. They will mess with your plan and eventually destroy your body. Oatmeal with agave syrup and berries are your best bet.

• Sports drinks. Don’t believe anyone who tells you they will hydrate you and replenish your body with electrolytes. That’s what water is for. Sports drinks are chock full of sugar polymers and have no nutritional benefit.

• Toaster pastries. More trans fats! Seriously, just read the ingredients label, there is no food in them. They are made of chemicals that fool your body into eating more.

• Chips, greasy, processed, salty. If you crave potatoes, bake one at home and enjoy it with a pinch of sea salt. But stay away from these trans fatty substitutes.

• Sodas, including diet ones. People who drink diet sodas actually gain weight. The chemicals used in sodas trick your brain into craving food that’s bad for you. And if you decide to indulge in “full-strength” soda, remember that 9 teaspoons of sugar per can will not keep you in your skinny jeans.

• Baloney/Hot dogs, they might be protein but not lean! Moreover, it’s made up of animal parts and are so fat laden they could lube your bike.

The best way to stick to your diet is to announce your plan to your friends and family, and keep a food log. That will help you see what you’ve consumed and avoid foods that can ruin your efforts.

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