How To Get Ripped

Forget everything you thought you knew about diet and exercise in order to achieve that lean, ripped body. I have a secret to scoring the six-pack abs, killer arms and buns of steel you so want.

I know, you love looking at the lean and ripped bodies of athletes and fitness models in magazines and it looks like if you just exercise harder and skip a meal or two, you would look the same. Well, let me tell you. If it was that easy, we’d all have the perfect body.

Are you ready to hear the number one secret to getting that ripped body you want? To sculpting your body to where you’ve always wanted?

how to get rippedI have to be honest. It’s hard. It’s really hard. It takes time. And it demands dogged discipline. You can’t cheat, you can’t skip, and you can’t say “I’ll do this tomorrow. or A little bit is ok”… You have to treat your body transformation goal as a job. In order to get the job done, you have to focus 24/7 and do everything possible and impossible to achieve that goal.

Do you still want it? If the answer is yes, read on.

3 secrets of How To Get Ripped

Secret #1 Your Diet: Eat To Get Ripped

eat to get rippedI know you’ve heard that carbs are your enemy. I’m here to tell you that carbs are your friends, because if you completely remove them from your diet, you will feel cranky, tired and sluggish. Also if your carbs are too low for too long a time, your body will burn precious muscle instead of bodyfat. Getting the right amount and the right kind of carbs is essential to your success. Morning and after your workout are the best times to eat your carbs. Another trick, swap your fruits for veggies…same nutrients minus sugar.

Secret # 2 Your Workout: Train To Get Ripped

train to get rippedThe first thing you have to do is do both weights and cardio. If you are doing all your exercise at one time per day, you should do your weights first and cardio second. That way you are burning carbohydrates for energy during your weights workout and then burning fat for energy during your cardio workout. When you do cardio on its own, you’ll be spending the first 20-30 minutes burning away your stored carbohydrates (glycogen) before you can start burning fat for energy.
Now having said that, you need all your minutes of cardio and all your minutes of weight training. So if your schedule doesn’t allow you to do it in the ideal format (weights then cardio in a row) just get it done. The other best times for cardio are before breakfast (not for everyone) or between your last meal and bedtime.
One more bit of info: Weight training builds muscle, which speeds up the metabolism and shapes the body. Weights use carbohydrates for energy and when depleted your body uses protein for energy. There is no way to use weight training to directly burn fat. That’s simply not how the body works. Only rhythmic and continuous cardio using the legs burns fat for energy.

Secret #3 Your Liquids: Hydrate To Get Ripped

protein drinkYou heard that right. If you are serious about lean and ripped, forget about that glass of wine you so enjoy with dinner. The reason: alcohol triggers fat to be stored instead of being used for energy and your body stops digesting food until the liver can excrete the alcohol. Water is a completely different story, of course. Drink a lot of it and stay hydrated. Just don’t drink anything with calories (except for protein drinks), ever.

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