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Killer Fat Burning Exercises! – Personal Trainer Los Angeles

Four Ways to Burn More Fat

Beat plateaus by upping your game in the gym with this advanced training technique of muscle confusion.

Muscle confusion is about changing your workout in unfamiliar ways to keep your body guessing, this burns more calories as your muscles are not doing what they are used to doing.

jason triceps pushdownTechnique #1: Drop Sets
You use a weight that is at the max for your target reps.  You do as many as you can, then drop the weight by 30-50% (depends on you) and crank out another 4-10 reps.  You can do double drops too, as long as you don’t bother with tiny weights.

Technique #2: Negatives
Every time you do a rep you are doing 3 types reps:

1. Positive rep: lifting the weight.

2. Static rep: holding weight in the “top” position.

3. Negative rep: lowering the weight.

The negative is where you are getting most of the muscle damage (the good stuff).  Use your negative rather than dropping the weight, and yo can even do negative only reps with more weight than you can lift back up.  It requires a trainer or good spotter.

Technique #3: Active Rest
Do abs, stretching, lunges or calisthenics between exercises.

Technique #4: Modify Exercises

Perform different versions of your regular exercises; standing presses instead of seated, dumbbell presses instead of barbell, etc.

5 Obstacles to a Fit You

before and after collectionI know you want to have a great “after” body like the clients on my website.  You know you need to train harder and smarter, eat better and do cardio to lose that excess fat.

So haven’t you perfected your body yet?

There are a lot of tangled excuses that make losing fat difficult, excuses that are more complex than just making sure that you burn more calories than you take in.

Here are 5 roadblocks and the answers to transform your body for the better.

1. It Hurts.

Hard training hurts when you do it, and later when you get sore.

So what?  The benefits outweigh the discomfort.

2. You like sweets.

Too bad!

3. You don’t have time.

You need to invest in your health and body, and that investment is in time.

4. You don’t think you can handle it.

You can do this and you deserve it.

5. You fear failure.

You’ll never know if you don’t try!

When you are ready to do this we will change:

  • Your daily diet
  • The way you look at food
  •  Your workout routine
  •  Your use of time

Contact me today to get started on your body transformation program!

by Jason Kozma

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