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Hi! I’m Jason Kozma, Mr. America and certified personal trainer and sports nutritionist. My company, High Performance Personal Training has been getting Angelinos in shape for over 20 years.

I create custom designed nutritional and lifestyle plans for each client whether they train with me personally or with one of my world-class High Performance Personal Trainers. We create amazing results in a short time.

Mr. America Jason Kozma

Whether your goal is to stand out at a red carpet event, get in shape for a wedding or reunion, perform better at sports, improve functional strength and mobility, or just feel great, we are the answer.

Don’t waste your time with lesser trainers or trying to figure it out on your own. We’ve been there and done that. Call a professional.

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Why You Should Train With Our Personal Trainers

We will teach you how to do everything right and with the most efficiency. This will include your weight training, your cardio, your diet and your lifestyle. You are most likely doing several or all of these things wrong (meaning not congruent with your goals). You’ll get the maximum results possible on all fronts for your efforts.

It’s all about a strategic, long term lifestyle change including exercise and diet. Our program emphasizes muscular shape, tone and definition. Our sole purpose is to give you “that look.”

What Kind of Results are Our Trainees Getting?

Women are enjoying:

  • A natural, yet firm lifting of the both the bust and bottom, (no surgery involved)
  • A tight, toned stomach
  • Hips and thighs that are toned and defined
  • Arms that are defined and looking great in all things sleeveless and backless
  • Excellent posture

Men are enjoying:

  • Rock hard abs
  • Ripped arms and chest
  • Broad and powerful back
  • Strong, capable looking legs and shoulders
  • Excellent posture

Anyone can agree that these simple components make up a great poolside, beach side or summer time body. So if you are craving results this year, instead of a gimmick, work with a team of professionals with the proven experience to help real people like yourself with busy lives, get these exact same results, (many in as little as 8 weeks) Contact us.

Beverly Hills Personal Trainers

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Beverly Hills Personal Trainer Team Leader Jason Kozma has gone to great lengths to recruit the very best Beverly Hills personal fitness trainers to be a part of his High Performance Personal Training Team.Under Jason’s watchful eye, his trainers provide the highest level of personal training expertise and service. Already requiring 10 years or more of professional experience and a proven track record of results, Jason further his trainers’ expertise by teaching them the High Performance Method. The High Performance Personal Training concept is a unique blend and style of resistance training, cardiovascular exercise, and nutritional planning that produces the most dramatic results seen with any personal training program. Go to the Client Testimonials sections for examples.

To learn about Mr. America Jason Kozma, click on the “About Me” section.

Testimonial From Beverly Hills client Sarah

personal trainer Beverly Hills client

I did a lot of research on trainers online and in person. Jason Kozma has amazing reviews from everyone that has worked with him. His results were the results that I needed, particularly the results he got with women who needed to lose those final 10 lbs or so. In my case I would always say if I can just get off these last 10 lbs, but I would never do it. I just couldn’t do it. Well Jason Kozma did it!
Jason’s training is perfect for me. I worked with many trainers in NYC, the Hamptons, Miami and LA. Jason is by far the best! I never wanted to skip days. His workouts are definitely work but he doesn’t overdo it. Also, I have had many trainers who talk so much that you don’t fit that much in during the workout. I’ve never felt with Jason that I didn’t have a complete workout.
My analogy for Jason is this it’s kind of like when you have the freshest sushi you can’t go back to grocery store sushi; once you work out with Jason you will never want another trainer. They just don’t compare. He is that professional and that good at the results he produces!
I’m out of town now and I won’t work with another trainer. Luckily Jason can work with people like me and can create a program for you.
I trust him with the results I need for my body. He has improved my overall figure, my posture and my self esteem in regards to my body. For that I am thankful! & clearly I highly recommend Jason Kozma to train your body into the shape you want it to be in!!!

– Sarah

Meet Tasha

Tasha, Beverly Hills personal trainer for 10 years, has experience in quick body fat loss, sports specific, and muscle rehabilitation personal training. In addition, she also has experience training pre- and post-natal women. She is certified with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, APEX nutrition, and is qualified in assisted stretching as well. Her experience also includes vinyasa yoga. She has worked in such clubs as Equinox and Sports Club LA before joining High Performance Personal Training. Tasha has trained celebrities and athletes as well clients with everyday fitness goals. Tasha is qualified to bring her equipment into your home, to a park near you, or meet you at a gym of your convenience. Goal setting and monitoring of your nutrition and cardio evaluations are available as well. After discussing your goals, an individualized fitness regimen is created which could include anything from stretching, yoga, weights, and/or cardio drills. Tailoring to your individual goals are the keys to your success!! Many success stories from her clients are available upon request. Sign up today.

Areas served: Beverly Hills, Bel Air, West Hollywood, Los Angeles

Candy’s Story

I don’t run in the circles of people who have “personal trainers.” But I had let myself go and I needed some serious help so when we got some unexpected money, it was my highest priority. I knew I wanted a female trainer. I found Tasha online at High Performance Personal Training. Tasha responded immediately and was available and flexible. She would come to me at home and was reasonably priced. Too good to be true! She’s really sweet, down-to-earth and intimidatingly pretty but I really liked her so I committed to 6 weeks. We met 3 times a week. She knew how to push me and motivate me. She’s tough; in a good way. The workouts were never the same so I couldn’t psych myself out or get bored. There was a natural progression of building up the weak areas of my body and trying new things that would get results. I wrote down everything I ate and she looked it over at each session. I got encouragement, admonishment and helpful tips. At the one month mark, I had lost a total of 12 inches! I went from a full size 12 to a 10. She was as excited for me as I was as we did a little dance in the street. I was so excited about the changes in my body that I decided to go for another month instead of 2 more weeks. By the end of the second month I was seeing real muscle definition and lost another 2 inches. Now my size 10s are loose. I’m scared about going it alone but I know I’ve made a lifestyle change. Everyone in my life already knows about Tasha but I will tell anyone else who will listen how great she is. The results speak for themselves!


Kevin is one of Jason’s Elite High Performance Trainers. Kevin is one of Jason’s Premier trainers having been schooled intensively by Jason for years.

Kevin has over 20 years of experience in fitness with extensive knowledge in multiple training techniques. Kevin’s background includes competitive cycling, golf and golf-specific training as well as bodysculpting and strength training.

Kevin has over twenty years of physical fitness experience using a variety of advanced training methods to help clients reach their goals.

Kevin is available for gym training for West Hollywood clients. He also can provide in-home training with clients who live in Hollywood Hills, Trousdale Estates, Crescent Park, Beverly Hills, Park Labrea and the surrounding neighborhoods.

If you’re interested in training with Kevin, we invite you to contact us. We look forward to helping you achieve the health and physique of your dreams.

Joining High Performance has been one of the best things I have ever done for myself. Kevin hase helped me to realize the fitness goals that I had set for myself and have motivated me to set new ones! I still can’t believe what I see when I look in the mirror! They keep me engaged, challenged,and focused on my work outs and healthy eating. Now prioritizing these things is second nature for me. If you bring a true willingness to change your body and mindset, Jason and the trainers at High Performance Personal Training will help you achieve whatever goal you set for yourself.



Our personal training location in the Beverly Hills area is nearby the Beverly Center in West Hollywood, California.

In home personal fitness training in Beverly Hills, Holmby Hills and Bel Air is also available for your convenience.

Request to see the extensive before and after photos section and check out inspiring client testimonials and see for yourself why Jason’s program is LA’s premier personal training service. Meet Jason’s High Performance Training Team consisting of Los Angeles’ finest personal trainers in the “Team” section.

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