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Hanna before and after
Hanna before and after

“I can’t lose weight”…
If the sentence above describes your mindset, then you will never lose weight.
Instead, focus on shedding your first five pounds.
People need to realize that thinking about losing weight just will not cut it.
Pun intended!
Staring at the scale hoping your weight will decrease is not going to help in the least.
You need to make a choice. Right here, right now.
Do you want to lose weight? Live in the body you have always dreamed of?
Then do I have some good news for you! You can!
The choices you have made in your lifetime have resulted in your body being overweight.
Every day you are faced with the decision to eat the right types of foods and whether or not you feel like exercising. If you are overweight, chances are the choices you have made were not the right ones.
To start losing weight, you will need to make the right choices when it comes to your eating and exercise habits.
For food, you need to eat foods that will provide you with the nutrients the body needs to function efficiently. Only eat when you are hungry and not as a pastime for when you are bored. Avoid those nasty refined and sugary foods like soda, chips, and cake. Choose to eat more fruits, vegetables, and be sure to get enough water per day.
For exercise, start the day by getting the blood pumping. If you find that you get too many hours of sleep a night, then the perfect choice would to be to cut at least one hour of that time in order to change your body for the better. You will have to be dedicated, consistent, and prioritize exercise more than you have been. Be sure to choose exercises that will keep your muscles working as hard as they can to strengthen and tone them.
Stop staring at that scale, because nothing will happen if you do.
Focus your mind and energy into making the right choices in order to achieve the body you should have.
It may be best to consult in me to help and guide you along the way.
We will discuss your goals and create a plan that will quickly and efficiently reach them.
Call or send me an email today so we can get started on creating a fitness plan that will get you in shape today!

Belly Fat is Bad

bellyAccumulated fat around the midsection puts pressure on the organs and puts you at risk for high blood pressure and heart disease.  This fat creates hormones that are bad for your health.

Accumulation of fat around the midsection will likely happen naturally unless you do something about it.  Of course genetics have a role, but we’ve seen that diet is paramount in how your body looks feels and functions.

Here’s how to avoid or eliminate abdominal fat:

  • Reduce or eliminate alcohol consumption
  • Reduce or eliminate trans fat consumption:  this is from processed junk foods like cookies and chips and the like.
  • Reduce or eliminate processed sugar: this includes sodas and high fructose corn syrup which is in pretty much all manufactured foods.
  • Reduce or eliminate white refined grains like white bread.
  • Of course you need a rigorous and regular exercise routine. That’s what personal trainers are for.

I’m here to help you meet your weight loss and fitness goals.

Contact me today to get started on a fitness training program that will have your belly flatter than ever.

Happy, Healthy New Year!

Many thanks to all of my great clients and best wishes for a happy, healthy New Year! If you’re personal training with me, or one of my great trainers, then you’re already on the road to good health. If you’re just starting to think about getting in shape for 2013, you’ve come to the right place.

If you tell yourself every year that “this is the year” you’ll get in shape, then DO IT! What are you waiting for? Contact me today to create a nutrition and exercise program that works for you. This year, be the person everyone else envies!

Contact me to create a one-of-a-kind workout program designed to get you healthier, more fit and feeling great!

by Jason Kozma

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