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Defeat Your Sweet Tooth! – Personal Trainer Los Angeles

Exercise is a key factor in losing weight, but the foods you use as fuel is responsible for how efficient your exercises will be as well as how much fat is being stored in your body. The main problem people face when deciding to eat healthier is their sweet tooth.
Having a sweet tooth simply means you have a large craving for a sugary substance, whether it is a food or beverage. It is an unfortunate truth that people who succumb to the desires of their sweet tooth end up having a bit more fat than others. This isn’t only because of the fat gained by sugar, but also because of the fact it is harder for one to exercise when eating sweet things. Below are the top three “fat treats” you should avoid in order to start shedding those pounds.

Top 3 Fat Treats To Avoid

Fat Treat #1: Soda
Soda is one of the most popular drinks in the United States. By consuming one can of soda, your body is getting 40 grams of sugar, which is roughly 10 small packets of sugar that you would see at a restaurant or fast food business. That is only from one can. People who drink soda tend to have one after another which can lead to problems such as obesity or diabetes. Instead, replace soda with water.

Fat Treat #2:  Baked Foods
Delicious baked goods like cake, cookies, and pies sound like a great idea for dessert, but only every once in awhile and not every single night. Eating pastry foods will increase your blood sugar to a very unhealthy level as well as a larger producer of fat than soda. All of your carbohydrates during your fat loss program should be natural complex carbohydrates like oatmeal, rice, potatoes and the like. No bread, pasta or pastries!

Fat Treat #3: Candy
Candy is a major cause of fat gain due to all of the refined sugar within it. Eating candy can become a habit to some, a very bad habit that should be stopped. A good replacement for candy would be something you can pop into your mouth every now and then, like unsalted nuts or butter-free popcorn.

Now imagine eating candy throughout the day while sipping on soda, only to end the day with a large piece of cake and a bowl of ice cream. That is absolutely one of the best ways to gain fat! As you can see, in order to lose weight you may just have to pull out that sweet tooth (not literally). By eating a healthier diet and consuming the right fuel, working out will be extremely easy for your body and you may even find it fun. Once you completely eliminate all of that refined sugar from your body you will definitely slim down and feel better than ever as well.

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by Jason Kozma

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