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Strength Training To Reverse Aging? Yes!

Kristina looks 10 years younger in her after photo (minus 12 pounds too)!

I always chuckle when I hear how advertisements claim that creams and beauty products reverse aging. Because the only thing that can truly turn the clock back is your diet and your workout routine. Aging is not about a couple wrinkles on your forehead, it’s about loss of muscle and deficit in muscular strength, including diminishing ability to perform daily activities. Typically, these changes begin at around age 40 and progressively worsen with aging.

How Exercise Slows Aging

I have always believed that strength and resistance training help reverse aging and recent studies have proved something I have observed with my clients. When people 40 and older do supervised resistance and strength training exercises for just six months, they reverse close to 200 aging genes and show reversal of aging gene expression. This is so incredible because this means that weight and resistance training actually reverses aging on genetic level.

Research has shown how effective strength training can be in both treating and preventing the effects of sarcopenia, loss of muscle tissue associated with aging. Strength training as a means of anti-aging can:

  • Increase your hormone levels
  • Strengthen bones and joints
  • Boost your neuromuscular system
  • Improve your protein synthesis
reverse aging with strength training
David, 79, kicks ass in the gym and in life!

I work with clients of all ages, from teenagers to elderly. My oldest client is almost 80-years-young and he is stronger and fitter than many 40-year-olds.

With my 30 years of fitness experience (and I don’t look older than 30!:)), I specialize in training clients with limitations and previous injuries. My clients range from high-performance athletes to elderly who want to train safely without injuries. It is well-known that long-term resistance training is associated with a lower risk to age-associated morbidity and mortality.

6 tips to safe and effective training to reverse aging

  1. Correct lifting. I work with my clients on teaching them on the mechanics of correct weight lifting.
  2. Pain-free. This is important with mature clients as I feel it is important for older individuals to understand progressive overload.
  3. Proper breathing. This is of utmost importance. I encourage my clients to exhale during the challenging part of the exercise. Breath holding during resistance exercise may elevate intra thoracic pressures dangerously high, placing undue stress on the heart.
  4. Proper resistance training. Working out properly will allow adequate time for joints and connective tissues to adjust to the loads.
  5. Balance. To help mature clients develop better balance and muscle coordination, perform several exercise in a standing position with free weights and other exercise props, such as medicine balls.
  6. Efficient Workouts. Sessions over one hour are too fatiguing for a mature client, plus they can be disadvantageous to overall workout plan.
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