Mr. America's
Strong Body
From Home

with online coaching for women and men

Training programs designed to use what exercise equipment you have available! Beginners to advanced trainees. Get in shape, stay in shape, improve your health and immunity training at home or outside.
Supremely affordable, Mr. America's Strong Body At Home Program with online coaching is your ticket to feeling and looking better even in the worst of times.


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Why should I use Jason's online personal training program?

I know you can find free workouts all over the internet.  This is much more than just a workout.

My Strong Body At Home Program is a complete lifestyle program.  You’ll get resistance / weight training workouts, cardiovascular exercise, nutritional planning, accountability and tracking tools, feedback from me and ongoing support to ensure your success.


  • Effective workout plans for home or outdoor training using simple home exercise equipment or household items for great and challenging workouts.
  • A nutritional plan designed to help burn fat and build muscle all the while supporting and enhancing the immune system.
  • A new and updated workout schedule every month to keep your training for getting stale.
  • Ready access to me for advice and tips through my Train with Mr. America app or text when you need it.
  • Exercise photos and videos with instructions to ensure you are doing them correctly.




Mr. America's Strong Body Program Includes:

Home Training Workouts

Workout plans assigned according to your specific goals using the equipment and space you have available.  Tips to fashion makeshift equipment with common household items and links to purchase inexpensive and useful workout gear too.

Program designed for you by Mr. America himself

You will be prompted to fill out a detailed questionnaire which Jason will review before making and delivering your program.

Nutritional Plan

A healthy, balanced eating plan using regular whole foods designed to burn fat, build muscle, enhance the metabolism and strengthen your body’s natural immune system.

Exercise Demonstration Videos

The app includes a robust exercise demonstration video database.  Form is explained and demonstrated in detail. Functionality to substitute exercises and track your performance.

New Workouts Every Month

As long as you’re an active member you’ll get new workouts every month.  When things go back to normal you can get gym – based workouts to replace the home workouts. You can still keep the old workouts too.

Accountability Reminders

The app will periodically prompt you to log in to track your workouts and Jason will too.  We won’t forget about you and we won’t let you forget about yourself!

Interaction with Mr. America himself

Jason is available to answer questions and tweak your program after creation and delivery.

Meal Delivery Option

Sick of cooking?  I’ll connect you to the meal delivery services I endorse for clean nutrition, quality, reliability and safety.

Jason’s Recipe Book

You’ll get our exclusive recipe book to help you make clean healthy meals that taste great!

"In only eight weeks, I have gone from 16% to 8% body fat, and have not lost a single pound of muscle while doing it." - Scott

Complete program: just add YOU

$225 down and then 99 per month

About My Online Personal Training Programs

More and more people are turning to the Internet for workout guidance. I was one of the first trainers out there who started providing online training and I believe that the biggest advantage of this option is its affordability and flexibility.

online training client
Maria lost 20 lbs in 4 weeks!

My clients know when they travel, they can achieve the same results with my custom online workouts. Online training is also great for those who live outside of LA or don’t have time to drive to Santa Monica to train with me in person. Being my client through High Performance Online Training program is no different than training with me. Well, there is one difference. It costs less.

“How does this work?” many ask. “How do I stay motivated?” “I’m not good at following anything online!”

What you get:

online training client
Madaline lost 20+ pounds in 8 weeks!

When you enroll in the Jason Kozma Online Training program, you will get everything all my clients get: my custom designed workout planned especially for your needs. You will get both cardio and weights program, plus a nutritional plan that evolves and changes as your body changes. You will also get a booklet that will not only explain how your body works, but also outlines the whole program. My online demo website has photos of every exercise so you do then correctly for optimum results.


Since the sessions are not done in person, you can choose the best time for you to complete specific workouts. I can also design your workouts to make use of what equipment you have available.

online personal training client
Amy lost 12 lbs in 8 weeks!

Regular monitoring

We meet online and discuss your needs, desires and challenges. I monitor you online weekly and make all the necessary changes and adjustments. You take before, progress and after photos and email me your nutritional log every week so I can tweak things to keep you progressing. We will communicate via email and phone calls.

Results-oriented training

Of course, just like with in-person training, your motivation is the number one barometer of your success. What my clients love about online personal training is that I’m always just an email away to support and regularly check in with them. I also love to motivate my clients with a quote or a blog post.

online personal training client
Carlos lost 15 lbs!

It doesn’t matter what your level is whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced trainees. If you can follow instructions and keep a schedule you will get fantastic results.

Your program is delivered via my Train with Mr. America app available for both Andriod and IOS operating systems. Your program is handcrafted and run by me and not an intern or software algorithm.

If you follow my program 100%, I guarantee you those ripped abs, sculpted arms and legs, more muscular back, or whatever your unique goal might be. So what are you waiting for?

Don't wait for the gym to re-open!
We still don't know when they will...




* Results may vary. Depicted clients followed nutritional and lifestyle guidelines exactly as specified.

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