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Jason is an excellent Trainer! I would recommend him for and sports or any physically related goal. I came to Jason to increase my speed and body shape. I compete in half marathons and shorter distance races. I am a sponsored athlete, and my career relies on appearance and performance. Speed and looking good is very important to me. Jason designed me a diet and exercise program to help trim me up and improve my running. He also provides something that was that made all the right information work, and that was more motivation and focus on my goals. Working with Jason on a weekly basis kept me very focus and motivated. I live in Riverside (1:30 min drive from LA) so most of what we did was over the internet through email. I was able to contact him for questions and feedback on my routine and progress several times a week. Also, I would drive to LA 1-2 times per month to see Jason.

In 8 weeks of working with Jason I dropped 14lbs. My shorts size went from a size small to an extra small that needed to be hemmed in 2 inches. January 15, 2005 I took 1st place women overall in the Highland half marathon (13.1 miles). The first 7 miles of this race was all up hill. It was a tough race! Working with Jason worked! I plan to keep working with Jason to keep furthering myself in my career and fitness goals.

Karla Adams, pro marathoner, personal trainer

Karla Adams


Karla Adams

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