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I Tracywas starting to train for my 5th attempt on Mt. Rainier, and realized that, in order to succeed, I needed to improve my training method; so I decided to get help.

After reviewing a number of different physical training programs, Jason’s appeared to make the most sense. He put me on track with the right diet, cardiovascular schedule and weight training program. I was assigned to Nicholas Barrett, a knowledgeable, thorough, and careful full-time trainer.

I trained with Nicholas three times per week; and with that, the cardio and the diet, it was very intense. But then, so is mountain climbing.

In just two months, I had lost 20 lbs and felt ready for Rainier. It was time to go to the mountain. The climb was extremely hard and I thought about turning back many times. After 10,000 vertical feet of snow, ice and crevasses, I finally stepped onto the 14,410′ summit of Mt. Rainier. I was victorious! I know that if it hadn’t been for Jason’s program, I never would have made it to the top. His program had made the difference.

Tracy Sulkin, Mountaineer

Hey Jason, I met you last summer. I just wanted to say that the program worked out. I lost like 30 pounds. I weighed 189 when we started, and now I weigh 160. Looks good. Thanks!


Jason, congratulations to you on your win at the Mr. America! I have not spoken to you since Heather Lake & her husband referred me…. I have stuck to your plan and have lost a total of 22 pounds and working out at Gold’s here in Nashville. I am 5’7″ (almost 5’8″ and weight 139) and in a size 5-6 (down from a size 12 & 162 lbs). I have reached my goal!! My clothes fit great and I continue to keep toning.

Thanks again & congratulations for meeting your goals as well!

Korry Ziemer

Jason : My energy level was very good throughout the week. My workout recovery continues to improve dramatically every week. My cholesterol was 189 4 months ago. It is now 146. My blood pressure was 122/84 four month ago. It is now 112/64. My resting heart rate was 75 4 months ago. It is now 51. I’m getting closer to seeing my AB muscles. My waistline is about 30 and will probably end up about 28 to 29 before I see what’s under the fat.

Beginning weight and bodyfat 192.5 /13 : Ending weight and bodyfat : 184 /8.4


Online coaching client at week 5 of 8 of online training program

I could tell you how many inches I’ve lost (2.5), or I could tell you how many pounds of fat I melted off myself (16), but there are more important things to discuss here.

More than releasing me from flab, this diet practically released me from an addiction to food. I had bad eating habits as a kid, as a teenager, and later, a college student. Though they did improve a bit throughout the years they were never stellar, and I kept wondering why all my effort in the gym didn’t yield the desired results.

One Jason Kozma later the answer was obvious. Once I got on this program I realized how much I craved all those pieces of pizza, all that ice cream and chips and soda and crap that I will only enjoy IN MODERATION anymore.

I was surprised how much I lost and how quickly I lost it, but more than that I was surprised at how much diet determines how you look, and how far off the right kind of dieting I was doing. At first I envied my fellow students because they were eating whatever they wanted, but now (and this is the most awesome thing I’m coming away with) I look at what they’re eating and I’m not even tempted. BWAHAHAHAHA!

Thanks a lot, Jason; I couldn’t have done it without you.

Yours, Alexis

My Fiancé, Mathias, and I wanted to “get fit” prior to our week long destination wedding on the beach so; we choose Jason and his team to help us with that goal!

From the moment I met Jason he was ready to challenge my way of thinking about nutrition and fitness. He set me up with a manageable, easy to understand diet plan. I appreciate the fact that he explained the science behind why he had me eat and work out the way he did. The information helped me make educated choices regarding my health and fitness and understand the rationale. In this way, I became more and more prepared to make this a lifestyle change rather than a crash diet.

Jason helped monitor my eating and was willing to motivate and challenge me when the going got tough. He has a unique style that is a balanced mix of blunt observations and sensitive, motivational interventions.

Jason set my Fiancé and me up with one of his spectacular trainers, James. Not only is James a knowledgeable and effective trainer, but also, a truly good person. He kept our training sessions challenging, exhilarating and even fun! Mathias and I met with James three mornings a week and, without fail, James was full of enthusiasm and vigor during each 6AM session! He brings such positive energy to the gym and his enthusiasm is contagious.

Thanks to Jason and James, I am feeling more fit than ever with a healthy energy and a better understanding of how to properly feed and care for my body. And, I am confident that I will feel great romping around in a bikini for a week long wedding extravaganza! (and for the Honeymoon to follow!!!)

Thanks guys!!! James, I will truly miss seeing you three days a week!
Heather H

I have always looked like I was in good shape, But as the years caught up with me and my middle started to expand I thought that I should get a trainer and start working on my eating habits. I spoke to several trainers and was not impressed at all. I found Jason on the internet and gave him a call. He explained the diet and workout routine that I would need for what I was looking for. After only a couple of weeks I really started to notice the difference.

After 8 weeks I felt and looked like a new person. I can not say enough about the expertise Jason has in his field. He made the sessions work for my needs and helped me to feel better about myself. My friends, co-workers, clients, and others have all noticed the difference and asked me what I was doing. I can not recommend Jason enough. Not only does he make your body look better but he makes the work out fun. I always look forward to my training sessions, even though I can barely walk out of the gym most days. THANK YOU JASON FOR EVERYTHING.

Gained 10lbs muscle

Naomi lost 17 lbs and 9% bodyfat

Let me start by saying this picture is real – but thanks to Jason it is a thing of the past!

We all create a perception of ourselves that becomes our reality. Well I knew I had a big ass but by no means did I ever envision it so grandiose. When my smoke and mirrors dissolved I knew it was time to do something about it. I found Jason through a random Google search for “best personal trainer in Los Angeles” and was amazed by his results.

I knew that if anyone could whoop me into shape, it would be Jason. So…..now that I’ve been following Jason’s diet and training with him, not only do I no longer have that ass but I have dropped 17 pounds, lost inches upon inches on my entire body, and most importantly, we have turned flab into lean muscle. I have gone down 3 sizes to date and I’m still going.

Jason is serious about what he does so if you are serious about getting in shape, follow Jason’s diet and training routine and you will get in the best shape of your life!


I’ve been training with Jason for 5 months now. I have lost 25 pounds and more importantly I have lowered my blood pressure from 175/90 to 109/65 and lowered my cholesterol 50 points to 158. I am in the best shape of my life. I look and feel great and have so much energy. I will continue to train with Jason as he has changed my life. There is no going back. Jason is the real deal.


* Results may vary. Depicted clients followed nutritional and lifestyle guidelines exactly as specified.

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