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Before I met Jason and James I was exercising like crazy and trying stupid diets without seeing any results.

With Jason’s help and James’s patience and supervision I re-learned how to eat and work out in an effective and efficient manner. I saw results immediately. I became happier, healthier, and more confident as I watched my body transform. Working out with Jason and James was absolutely a life changing experience. I got in shape and had a great time doing it.

Travis (lost 14lbs)

Lost 35 pounds! Also, having never lifted weights before, he now leg presses 800 lbs for reps, deadlifts over 300 lbs and does triceps pushdowns with 90!

You need motivation to get anywhere, but you also need go in the right direction. It would be a full time job and take many years for you gather all of the information you need to get where you want to go. Jason is already there. With his encyclopedic knowledge of weightlifting he is able to create a unique workout each time. This knowledge also allows him to work around injuries, so that you don’t lose momentum.

The right direction is not mindless muscle growth. As a champion body builder, Jason has an eye for symmetry. He customizes your workout to your needs, so you end up looking great all around, instead of like of an out of proportion cartoon character.

Your time is important. In one hour Jason hits the right muscles and drains the last bit of energy out of them, so that they grow really fast. The hour goes by really fast too, because Jason keeps the workout entertaining.

Exercise alone will only get you so far. The diet increases the efficiency of the workouts in terms of both muscle mass gain and fat loss. Jason’s diet is the easiest diet I have ever been on, because I am never hungry. As a matter of fact, I’m eating more now than I was before I started. Just like the workouts, Jason customizes the diet to your needs. He continues monitor your diet and modifies it as your body changes.

I am the strongest and in the best shape I have ever been in my life and I’ve gotten to where I am in a short period of time. Jason’s program is complete and has maximized my efforts. Just look at the pictures, then do yourself a favor and sign up.


Gene went from 14% to 8% bodyfat

From the moment I started training with Jason, I knew that it was going to be tough, but through his training and knowledge of nutrition I am in the best shape of my life, its been a amazing experience and has changed not only my physical appetence but also my lifestyle. Jason is the real deal if you want to get yourself into the best shape of your life – I went from 14% to 8% bodyfat!


The decision to work with Jason was an easy one. I looked at his before and after photos. What I saw were great results and satisfied clients.

I started training with him six months after the birth of my son. I was physically at my weakest and still had some of my baby weight. Within eight weeks, I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight and fitting into my skinny jeans!

What a picture can’t convey is how getting in shape has made me feel. For the first time in my life, I enjoy exercising – enjoy becoming fit. My body now craves working out and I love how energized I feel after a session with Jason. Being healthier & stronger has boosted my confidence level and has given me an overall sense of well-being.

I worked with other trainers in the past and never achieved this level of results. Jason knows what he’s doing. The dietary guidelines he provides his clients are great and they work! He challenges me in ways that helps me perform better and get the results I want.

I feel like myself again, greatly improved! And anyone who has experienced the wonders of pregnancy knows what a valuable feeling that is! Thank you, Jason!


Before I met Jason I went through several trainers but I couldn’t stick to a diet. I sit down all day at work and had become flabby and was just eating junk food at my desk all day. Jason got me to follow his diet diligently and I lost 5 pounds in the first week and rapidly dropped 20 pounds over the next several weeks. It was really fun working out with him because he’s funny as hell and my body is better than when I was 20. After I moved from the area I couldn’t train with Jason any more but six months later I have easily maintained my weight because of the basic eating principles I learned from Jason (and I never have to go hungry). So, all I can add is… I get asked out on dates all the time now! And my new boyfriend is really hot! See ya at the gym!


Entering the Jason Kozma workout program, I thought I had a vast knowledge of weight training and nutrition. Through Jason, I discovered a whole new world of exercise and diet that I never knew existed. I learned correct form in lifting, proper diet and which supplements were appropriate for me. As someone who has worked out much of his life, I can say that I have never been as satisfied as I have been training with Jason. I looked forward to each session and have never left the gym more fulfilled. I lost body fat and increased my strength to levels I never thought possible. All while having fun and learning valuable information about the body and weight training. I highly recommend Jason Kozma over anyone on the planet, pure and simple because you will get the results you desire and find that working out can be fun as well. His expertise and knowledge will impress you as well as change your life.

Strength increased 125%

Bodyfat went from 12% to 7.5%

Mark, Model / Actor

Could Jason be the best trainer to walk this earth? Yes… He very well could be. If you’ve plateaued like I did or even if you never made it anywhere near that plateau, Jason can help you achieve things you never though possible. He has helped me in more ways than just looking better… Although being in the best shape of my life isn’t bad. I feel better on the inside and I’m living a much healthier lifestyle than ever before. Everything he taught me I will remember forever. I hope to train with him in the future whenever I can and I’m recommending him to all my friends.


Training with Jason Kozma not only changed the way my body looked, it changed the whole way I viewed food and exercise. I was amazed at how quickly my body went from squidgy to firm. I learned how to get the most out of my time spent working out and how to combine foods for optimum health and energy. At 30, I’m happier and healthier than I ever was in my 20’s!

Jason sees each person’s individuality and tailors the workouts accordingly.

If you’ve always wanted to change your bad eating and exercise habits but haven’t know how to, stop procrastinating and spend some time training with Jason. You won’t be disappointed!

Lorna, Advertising Executive

For years I have used the Stairmaster which has allowed me to eat basically what I want and not gain weight. Yet, as a mother of two and closing in on my 44th birthday, I noticed that my body had lost much of its tone. So, as a special gift to myself, I decided to jumpstart my body by losing a little weight while firming it up, yet I knew I needed help. Through a Google search I found Jason. After our first meeting, I felt I could put my health and fitness goals into his hands, his enthusiasm and professionalism had me sold. He put me on a rigorous program that included nutrition, cardio and weights. He explained how all three are essential ingredients in achieving a higher and healthier state of fitness.

Because weight training is one important part of this program, he put me in touch with an excellent trainer, Debby McKnight, who works out of a gym closer to my home. She has a background in professional bodybuilding. She’s extremely knowledgeable and dedicated. She is also hands on which I truly appreciated. She made sure I was using proper body form while working out, not only to avoid injury, but to also give the targeted muscles the best workout possible.

Their support and expertise was invaluable in helping me not only achieve my short term goals but also create healthy lifestyle changes that will benefit me for the rest of my life. Thanks you two!


As the age of 47 approached I found myself in the midst of a mid-life crisis with an excess of 10 pounds on my small frame. Jason gave me the direction and motivation I needed to transform my body. I worked out with Morgan for 8 weeks and found his style, experience, and attention to my particular needs fantastic. I have so much energy and feel so good I’m thinking of a mini marathon! Thank you Morgan for your direction and thank you Jason for showing me the path to healthy eating and understanding my body!

Lori – age 47

* Results may vary. Depicted clients followed nutritional and lifestyle guidelines exactly as specified.

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