Our boxing expert Suavi has trained and trained with professional boxers. He’ll show you the ropes (and gloves, heavy bag, jumprope and all the rest). You will train just real competitive boxers do to achieve amazing speed and endurance.

Top 6 Benefits of Boxing

  • Weight Loss & Toning: Each hour of boxer training can burn about 500-1000 calories depending on the intensity of the workout. In addition, training will help you build lean muscle and increase endurance.
  • Stress Relief: Ever hear of “runner’s high”? The same rings true for boxing. The cardio involved in boxer training releases chemicals in your body that are deemed natural mood enhancers which effectively relieve stress.
  • Build Strength: Boxing training is a full body workout which combines both cardio and strength training; making it a very effective full body workout.
  • Anger Management: Boxing is a healthy way to release pent up anger; allowing you to step back and relax after before you hit your boiling point.
  • Heart Healthy: The high intensity cardio of a boxing workout session improves heart function and actually helps build stronger heart muscles.
  • Self Defense: Once you begin the boxing workout, your trainer will help you hone your combat skills. These skills are priceless in a bad situation. If the need ever arises, you will be calm, cool, and collected knowing you have the training to defend yourself.

Boxing is fun, burns tons of calories and builds great endurance, core and functional strength!

Boxing, at any level, is a sport which improves both mental and physical fitness. As a full body sport, you will use every major muscle during a boxing workout, but it also takes extreme focus, strategic skill, and strong will to execute flawless moves and deliver powerful punches.

High Performance Personal Training’s boxing workouts are no different. Using traditional and new school techniques, your trainer will help you develop coordination, speed and power like a real boxer.  If you are interested in learning more about boxing, please contact us.

Are you an athlete? Check out the Sport Specific Training page for sports performance enhancement!

Our boxing trainers are located in Santa Monica, and West Los Angeles. In home training is available for nearby areas.

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