Pregnancy Recovery Program

Pregnancy Fitness and Weight Loss Body Makeover Program

Get your body back or better!

Terri’s post partum weight loss *

Have you ever noticed how some women seem to bounce back from their pregnancies faster than you can blink? You can, too. Don’t just take my word for it, look at our results to see success stories from women just like you.

Feeling and looking great are high priorities for most women. Don’t let “I just gave birth to a baby” be your excuse for not taking good care of yourself.

Getting back into pre-pregnancy shape is important for most women in order to feel healthy, happy and to get out of those pregnancy clothes once and for all. Let our team of expert trainers build a program that’s right for you.

Mandy’s postpartum weight loss *

It’s more important than ever to take care of yourself and help your body recover from nine months of pregnancy.

Our programs are designed specifically for your post-pregnancy needs. Special nutrition, exercises, stretching and cardiovascular activities are all an important part of your 8 week workout plan.

Details: The post pregnancy weight loss program includes all of the elements of my other programs: A fat burning eating plan, cardiovascular guidelines, and personal training.

After gaining almost 50 pounds while pregnant with my son, I didn’t think I would ever see a size 6 again. I worked out occasionally, but didn’t really have a program to follow or know where to begin to lose the weight. About the time I really decided to do something about my appearance, someone told my husband about Jason’s program and he began doing it. His program looked easy enough to follow and after a few weeks of seeing his results, I gave it a try. Jason developed a program that enabled me to lose the weight where I needed to and quickly. Seeing the results happen so fast gave me the motivation I needed to continue. I can’t tell you how exciting it was to put on pants that I thought I would never fit into again! Now I have the body and the confidence to fulfill one of my life-long dreams – trying out to be a cheerleader for an NFL team. Jason even changed my program to help me achieve that goal in a few short months. I can’t thank you enough Jason. You are a genius!!!

Heather Lake *

When I first started working out with Jason he helped me recover from the oversized body I had created during an extremely enjoyable trip to Italy. Following his instructions (diet especially), I quickly dropped weight from the trip (6 pounds the first week!) . But I soon learned that I had also returned from Italy with another souvenir- I was pregnant! I continued to work out with Jason during the first 6 months of my pregnancy, which helped me get stronger for labor (which I did naturally) and also retain some sense of myself while I endured the astonishing enlargement of my body. At six weeks post partum, I returned to work out with Jason, weighing at this time about 15 pounds over my best shape body weight, and my body was very mushy. In the months that followed Jason helped me be on a healthy, breast-feeding friendly diet, that enabled me to take off the weight and get in shape. The work outs themselves built my strength which I appreciated much more as I had to carry around a baby and do a lot of stuff while holding her with one arm. Thanks to Jason, and my hard work, at 4 months post partum I was very comfortable in a bikini and feeling great!

Cara, attorney *

The training is geared to removing the body fat and firming and lifting the: lower abdominals, breasts, buttocks, and shrinking the arms and legs. For breastfeeding mothers, the program is designed to limit weight loss to 1-2 lbs. per week in order to keep the mother’s milk pure from toxins.

This program works well while nutritionally supporting breastfeeding. High Performance Trainers have specific training and experience in post-partum training.

Requirements: Client must be at least 6 weeks postpartum with doctor’s note that states “ok to resume full activities without restriction”

Program options:

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* Results may vary. Depicted clients followed nutritional and lifestyle guidelines exactly as specified.

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