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Turn Off the TV to Lose Weight – Personal Trainer Los Angeles

Turn Off the TV to Lose Weight

Do you eat in front of the TV? If so, then you’re likely consuming excess calories resulting in you gaining weight. New studies show that eating while doing something else results in eating as much as 40% more calories per day.
Only eat during dedicated mealtimes to help you lose weight more easily.

Which reminds me….portion control! NEVER EAT OUT OF A FOOD CONTAINER! I MEAN IT! Put a proper portion of food on your plate or in your bowl. Chew slowly and actually enjoy the food you’re eating. Don’t shove food mindlessly into your mouth from a bag, a box or a pint…before you know it you may have consumed 2 – 3 times the amount of calories you should.

If you must watch TV, try working out during your favorite show. Do alternating sets of curls and triceps extensions during commercial breaks. Mix it up with squats and crunches between each set. Even better, how about walking on your treadmill… you know, the thing that’s gathering dust in the corner of your den… for the entire show. That way, you won’t feel lazy about wasting an hour when indulging in some of your favorite TV viewing.
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A weight loss and fitness transformation story

Will, 40, came to me not looking particularly out of shape. However he told me that he hadn’t trained for 6 months or so and wanted personal training to get in great shape for his upcoming wedding. By the way there will not be any photos of Will or his last name as he is big time Hollywood writer.
Anyhow Will’s body fat was close to 20% and he could do about two pullups and two dips. Not quite zero but not an acceptable number by any means. Fast forward to eight weeks later Will’s bodyfat was down around 10% and he could do 15-20 pull-ups in a row on his first set. Will can now incline press the 90 pound dumbbells for 10, do four sets of 20 reps on pullups and four sets of 20 reps on bodyweight dips. Will now looks like a superhero (the physique, no costume) and feels great. Among writers he’s like a Mr. America!
Congrats Will!

Green Tea – Not So Secret Key to a Flat Stomach

You may be interested to know there’s a beverage that may help reduce belly fat. That beverage is green tea.

An ingredient in green tea called catechins stimulates the burning of calories and speeds the loss of belly fat. So pour yourself a glass and drink your way to a slimmer you.

Green Tea to lose weight

Be sure that your green tea is unsweetened and calorie free. I have a client that has recently transformed his health and lost 10 pounds of fat by cutting way down on alcohol (I’m trying to get him to zero) and drinking green tea instead. He’s lowered his cholesterol, blood pressure and bodyfat radically.

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by Jason Kozma