Real Weight Lifting vs. Group Classes

Individual Weight Training Vs. Group Classes

group class workoutsI recently read an article regarding great ways to get in shape. This particular article was touting the benefits of group classes at some of the specialized gyms in Southern California. The author highlighted a few key points about group classes, but I felt a need to add my own two cents here. Yes, a group class, whether its aerobics, interval training, core essentials, crossfit or anything else, will get you into the gym and help you work up a sweat. I can certainly applaud this. However, what it won’t do is help you, personally, focus on your goals and get the results you desire. Group classes don’t take into consideration your specific issues, muscle weaknesses, posture, flexibility or strengths. You move together in a “herd mentality” for an hour and as you walk out the door, you may be drenched in sweat and your muscles may feel sore or stiff, but are you really seeing dramatic results in your health, fitness and shape? Are you working out just to work out or do you want to get visible results and look like you work out?

weight training resultsIndividual weight training (best with a qualified personal trainer) is specifically geared to you. Equipment and weights are adjusted to your specific needs, which help you target and isolate muscle groups to strengthen and build definition. In group classes, the instructor is too busy concentrating on a room full of people to provide you with the individual attention you need to keep your form, target the correct muscle groups and help you prevent injury. If you’re going to invest an hour a day in your own health, which makes the most sense to you?

I challenge you, my reader, to sign up for an 8 week personal training and nutrition with me or one of my fantastic High Performance Personal Trainers. I promise you, you will see real results after 8 weeks. Hell, you’ll see real results after two weeks, but 8 weeks will take you to a different level of radically visible results, health and fitness. A level you’ll never achieve in any group class.

Free Weights vs. Machines

Yes. To both. A well-rounded workout should involve all types of weight lifting. Lifting weights in any form is one of the most beneficial things you can do for yourself. When adjusted properly, machines align your form and keep you from straining other muscle groups which should remain stationary during specific exercises. Free weights allow you to target smaller muscle groups, however, proper form is even more important since you may try to compensate for weakness by using the wrong muscles for an exercise. Either way, a good warm-up and cool down before and after your weights session along with stretching and keeping proper form will keep you in great shape for your workouts. Contact me today to create your personalized workout and see results fast.

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