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Features and benefits of our Fitness and Weight Loss Retreat in Santa Monica California

New Year’s resolutions have come and gone. You’ve probably done a juice fast but then went straight back to stress eating. You failed too many times, so what are you waiting for?

When it comes to serious weight loss, many people are swapping their regular holiday for a weight loss vacation. By cutting off distractions, work dinners and family gatherings, a trip like that will not only revitalize you, it will kick start new patterns and last beyond a week or two.

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Your Weight Loss Vacation starts with a consultation. We examine your current diet and lifestyle and write you a new lifestyle plan to take home that will transform your current body into the one that you have always dreamed of. Your new lifestyle plan includes a nutritional plan, workout and cardio schedule, cookbook with healthy weight loss recipes, and more. Your individualized nutritional program is designed for your specific body type to achieve optimal weight loss results. You will be eating 5-6 meals per day. Plus, you will continue to receive weekly email support for your new lifestyle plan for six months.

Your routine will consist of the implementation of your new lifestyle plan and plenty of free time to enjoy Santa Monica and Los Angeles.

Your activities include resistance exercise, cardiovascular exercise, stretching, massage, acupuncture. Your meals will be delivered to you daily. If you wish to engage in even more physical activities, hiking, biking, running on the beach, swimming in the ocean are all easily accessible.

Santa Monica is home to the world famous 3rd street promenade, Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica farmers market, the Santa Monica stairs (yes we will exercise there too) and so much more!

Mr. America’s Weight Loss Vacation includes:

  • 5 Star Beachfront Hotel
  • Optional upgrade to train with Mr. America Jason Kozma personally
  • Nutrition consultation
  • Bodyfat calculation, body measurement, “before” photos
  • 5-7 small meals per day prepared by the executive chef at the spa
  • Supervised on-site cardio sessions
  • $300 weekly allowance to spend on spa treatments of your choice
  • Transportation to and from the airport

The weight loss vacation starts starts at $6,900 per week. Email for details, and start on your journey to be a leaner, stronger, faster, more confident you!

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