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What’s Your Motivation?

Last week I started thinking about motivation. What is it, exactly? Why are some people motivated to do things, but not others? I thought about asking some of my clients to get a better perspective on this. I’m ALWAYS motivated to achieve my best, and it’s my job and privilege to motivate others to achieve theirs as well. This blog is their forum to talk about what motivates them to exercise, eat right and maintain their optimal weight.

Dan: I’m motivated every morning. I wake up with a list of things I want to accomplish that day. My workout is at the top of the list. I started working out with Jason in 2010 and was so impressed with the results I’ve kept it up ever since. Most guys my age have a beer gut and have seen better days on and off the basketball court. I work out 4 days a week at the gym and play basketball at least 2 times a week. I may not be the tallest guy out there, but I’m still the fastest to the ball and no one wants to get in my way as I drive toward the basket. I wouldn’t be in this great condition if it weren’t for my workouts with Jason. Staying fit keeps me motivated.

Casey: A few years ago I had my second child and struggled to lose the pregnancy weight. With two kids, no matter how much I dieted, I never seemed to have time to exercise and was always feeling tired and sluggish. When my youngest started a daycare program, I was finally able to find some time for myself. I found Jason through a web search and made an appointment. At first I felt incredibly intimidated. I don’t think I’d ever stepped foot in a real gym before. But Jason was fantastic. He talked to me about my goals and my issues and laid out a nutrition and workout plan that actually seemed reasonable. I lost 22 pounds in 8 weeks. I’d been trying to lose 10 pounds and couldn’t do that in a year! It was remarkable. You can bet I was motivated to lose the rest and I did it, with Jason’s program. I realized this was a life journey, not just a quick fix. I’m in the gym 3 times a week and I’ve never felt intimidated. I look and feel great and have a lot more energy for myself, my family and work.

Alex: I think knowing I have a workout scheduled three days a week helps me stay motivated. I know myself, and if I didn’t have a training session scheduled with Jason, I’d find a way not to go to the gym. I have the best of intentions to work out, but if I don’t have a reason to be at the gym, I’d work late or grab a beer after work with my buddies. Once I finally made the commitment to myself to get back into shape, I found the best way for me to do it was with a personal trainer. At my gym, there are personal trainers and then there’s Jason. There’s no comparison in my book. I saw how he motivates his clients and it also looked like everyone was having a great time while working out. It took a while to work myself up to sign up for personal training sessions, but I don’t regret it for a minute and I’m so glad I made the commitment.

Do YOU need more motivation? Contact me today to create a workout that’s perfect for your goals.

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